New York City

Two Sigma October 23, 2017 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Digital Impact – New York City

The Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is exploring the implications of the digital age for global civil society. We are applying that knowledge to build a universal framework for civil society to use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively.

You are invited to join the conversation at this one-day event which will explore best practices and pressing questions about the future of digital civil society and democracy – in New York City and around the world.



Setting the stage for a conversation to share ideas and experiences, build community, and inspire new research and tools to advance digital civil society.

David Siegel, Two Sigma Investments

Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford University 

Andrew Means, Head, beyond.uptake


Global Possibilities and Responsibilities
A global look at how social sector organizations can pursue the opportunities of digital data while understanding and addressing the risks.

Rob Reich, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University; Faculty Director, Digital Civil Society Lab and Stanford PACS

Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford University

Andrew Means, Head, beyond.uptake


Digital Dependencies
An interactive discussion on the new possibilities created by digital data and infrastructure for working across sectors and the demands that these relationships entail.

Elizabeth Stewart, Founding Executive Director, Civic Hall Labs

Cindy Lott, Program Director, Nonprofit Management Programs, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

Michelle Shevin, Technology Fellow, Youth Opportunity and Learning, Ford Foundation

Brett Solomon, Executive Director, Access Now

Friederike Schuur, Data Science, Machine Learning, and DS/ML Strategy, Fast Forward Labs


Data as Philanthropic Resource
A curated round of examples highlighting how networked digital data is changing civil society structures and philanthropic practices.

Marcus Berkowitz, Senior Director of Technology and Innovation, Grameen America

Briana Vecchione, Civic Tech Fellow, Microsoft

Emily Goldman, Assistant Director, NYC Civic Innovation Program

Stanislav Sobolevsky, Associate Professor of Practice, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)

David Borenstein, Director of Data Science, Charity Navigator

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Founder/Managing Director, Project Evident

Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science, Bloomberg




Rachael Weiss Riley, Director, Data Clinic, Two Sigma Investments

Christine Zhang, Data Scientist, Data Clinic, Two Sigma Investments



A mid-day assessment of key learnings and what is next.

Micah Sifry, Co-founder and Executive Director, Civic Hall

Brian Walsh, Head of Impact, Liquidnet



Digital Civil Society and Democracy
A conversation to jump start our collective discussion about the combination of threats to civil society and democracy that arise from algorithmic bias, privacy challenges, and the political economy of digital assembly and expression. Moderated by Rob Reich.

Kate Klonick, Resident Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale University

Alex Abdo, Senior Staff Attorney, Knight First Amendment Institute, Columbia University

Rachel Goodman, Staff Attorney, ACLU Racial Justice Program

Dhruv Mehrotra, Eyebeam; Courant Institute of Applied Mathematics



Digital Civil Society and Democracy Working Groups
Building on the previous panel we will divide into smaller groups to address the multiple challenges laid out earlier in the day. Our goal is to identify social, legal, organizational, and technological strategies to protect civil society in the digital age. There will be two rounds of discussion with a brief break in between.


Closing Reflections
A review of key ideas and insights and commitments to next steps.




Digital Impact – New York City is presented by the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Special thanks to our global partners Microsoft, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and Perpetual, Ltd.

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